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Our machining possibilities include not only the unique water jet plasma cutting process but also 3-D laser cutting and CNC plasma and flame cutting.

Water jet plasma cutting

The unique feature of the system lies in the use of two technologies when cutting one and the same details during the same processing phase.

This environmentally neutral technology not only offers the advantages of versatility and flexibility, unusual precision in cutting at minimum workpiece costs but is also the first innovative cutting process in the 6 m x 2.5 m format as well as being able to handle material thicknesses up to 150 mm.

Water jet technology:

• High speed & precision with no temperature influence
• Achieves cutting parameters which are characteristic of micro-mechanical processing
• Operates 20% - 60% faster than a straightforward water jet cutting machine
• A high-pressure pump generates a water pressure of up to 4000 bar
• Wide range of materials to be cut

Water jet cutting:

• Clean, sharp-edged, (almost) completely free from burrs
• No edge influence zones at all
• No structural change
• No material stresses

Plasma technology:

High-definition plasma technology ensures low costs and, at the same time, high-quality edges in laser cutting quality.

Materials which can be cut:

Steel, VA, plastic, stone, glass, wood, etc.

3-D laser cutting plant with changeover table

• Efficient contract and module production (machining sizes: 1500 x 3000 x 370 mm)
• Pipe and girder machining (diameters: 25 - 300 mm, length max.: 3000 mm)
• Cutting wood and plastic on demand
• Weld preparation and sinking

Cutting thicknesses:

• 0,3 - 15 mm steel
• 0,3 - 10 mm stainless steel (depending on material quality)
• 0,5 - 8 mm aluminium

CNC plasma and flame cutting plant

The advantage of this machining centre concerns its efficient working method. Thus, it is predominantly used for contract and module production.

Laser cutting quality: 0.8 - 15.0 mm thickness
Fine section: 6.0 - 45.0 mm thickness
Max. sheet size: 2500 x 4600 mm
With chute system: 500 mm for girders and U-sections
Flame-cutting: 8 - 200 mm

Cutting thicknesses:

0,5 - 40 mm stainless steel
0,5 - 150 mm steel sheet
1 - 40 mm aluminium

For further information about our contract production, refer to our brochure or contact us in person. If you have queries, please use the following contact options. We look forward to presenting you with our offer.

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