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The history of the Lehmann company starts in June 1945 when a repair business and workshop was founded in Hammer, near to Pöhl, by Heinz Lehmann. The most straightforward means were used for manufacturing and repairing metal goods for everyday use. The product range was extended for Carl Zeiss Jena, developing a new segment with clamping equipment for the optical industry and even building drives for the domes of observatories.

Construction of the Pöhl dam in 1958 made it necessary to relocate. Nearby Jocketa was selected deliberately because many of the employees from Pöhl also moved there. The Lehmann family also wanted to remain in the heart of the Vogtland region.

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In 1972, the new generation of the family entered the business with Thilo Lehmann. Shortly after that, "VEB Carl Zeiss" took a share in the company as a partner, resulting in partial nationalisation. In 1975, Heinz Lehmann was accused of preferring West Germany companies, and imprisoned for 9 months. Gradually, all the "Lehmanns" were prised out of the company. Only in 1977 was the founder of the company completely rehabilitated.

In the course of the reunification of Germany, Heinz and Thilo Lehmann were then able to reprivatize the company on 16 June 1990.

At the end of the 1990s, Markus and Titus Lehmann joined the company as the 3rd generation of the family to join the metal-processing industry. Markus Lehmann became the head of production in his family's company, Titus Lehmann founded his own company and began to manufacture and sell stainless steel grilles.

Over the course of the years, Titus Lehmann developed his company's portfolio - Lehmann-UMT GmbH - on a continuous basis, first by adding activities in sheet metal processing, followed by filter and conveyor technology products. Additional aspects of the company profile today include engineering, 3-D design and special machine construction.

The change to the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) in 2014 caused Thilo Lehmann's Lehmann Maschinenbau GmbH serious financial problems. Consequently, Titus Lehmann decided to buy the production facility in Jocketa, meaning that environmental technology also supplemented the product range of Lehmann-UMT.

Since the end of 2014, the company has been operated with a streamlined structure and the 100 employees from two plants have grown together into a strong team.

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