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The Lehmann-UMT is testing a new XXL sled in the Antarctic. The German broadcaster, MDR Sachsen, took this opportunity to show a report in the MDR Sachsenspiegel regional magazine programme.

In February 2016, 5 Cargo sledges once again embarked on a journey into the endless ice for polar research. The German broadcaster, MDR Sachsen, took this opportunity to show a report in the MDR Sachsenspiegel regional magazine programme.

In the run-up to the "Saxony Entrepreneur of the Year" competition, the MDR-Sachsenspiegel will be broadcasting a report on Lehmann-UMT GmbH in January 2018.

MDR Sachsenspiegel dated 15.01.2018

Deutschlandradio reports online and on air about Lehmann-UMT.

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ICC - Hidden Champions

A tour of discovery through the business region of Chemnitz ...

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